Forever on the look-out for the exceptional, Gérard Faivre has completely transformed Le Mas des Isords. He has metamorphosised a beautiful but neglected mas into a residence where his modern touch refrains from being excessive and which respects the architectural tradition of this truly incredible property.

Decorator, designer and agent, Gérard Faivre has thrown new light on a 16th-century mill in the heart of Provence, retaining the essence of a property that was once the scene of royal dalliances. Gérard Faivre is driven by design, ...   ( read more ).

In this superb listed mill dating back to the 16th century, Gérard Faivre has managed to create a sumptuous residence, a contemporary touch in keeping with Alphonse Daudet's spirit and the beauty of this incredible old building.

Dans son moulin du seizième siècle, Gérard Faivre relit ses classiques mais, sans trahir l'esprit d'Alphonse Daudet, c'est une leçon de modernité qu'il nous donne aujourd'hui. C'est à Maussane, au Moulin de Manville, que Gérard Faivre a posé ses valises - pour l'instant ... ( read more ).

« I have christened it Amadeo as I believe it is a place blessed by God ». In the heart of Provence, an old farmhouse has been transformed into a contemporary home where the works of art reinforce the natural beauty of this exceptional residence.

Les maisons de Gérard Faivre étonnent par leur modernité et leur justesse. A Saint-Rémy, une ferme s'est métamorphosée en demeure contemporaine où les designers tiennent les premiers rôles ... ( read more ).